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Chinese Cupping Massage


This therapy stimulates blood circulation and bodily fluids, helps get rid of waste by products and toxins from the body.

As a result of speeding up the metabolism adipose tissue is reduced.

The massage is well known as an non-surgical method to reduce cellulite deposition in the body. But above all, this massage calms and relaxes.It is good for the stressed, tired, sedentary, and post exercise person. The cups perfectly remove any energy blockages. It brings relief and comfort for different ailments.



Cellulite reduction with chinese cupping therapy


Cupping massage have found applications in cellulite reduction therapies.

It is a method to effectively reduce celluliet deposition in the body. However, to achieve best results massage therapy need to be applied alongside with healthy diet as well as physical activity! Therapy can help but it will never be enough when taken alone! Healthy lifestyle and not sedentary practice after work, only can cooperate with Chinese cupping.


Book your first session to see if you like it, than to reach noticeable effect we highly recommend to get the aproximately 10 treatments applied every second day to see that is really worth!


We provide free consultations! Do not hestitate to ask for more information!



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