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How to prepare for the massage 


Massage preparation does not require from you any special activites. However, our experiance lead us to evaluate few simple tips  that can enhance the quality of the massage  and its final effect!


  •  Have a hot bath before massage, it will warm up your muscless which help the therapist to achieve desireble results.


  • Don’t eat heavy meals at least two hours before. Sipping a cup of warm herbal tea can help to calm your stomach and mind just before your relaxing time.


  • We provide everything that is essential to deliver high quality massage including: massage table, aromatherapy oils, massage oils, relaxing music (you can prepare your favorite tunes) 


  • If you have any questions JUST ASK,  we do our the best to meet your highest expectations 





Contraindication for massage

If you experience any of those below, please DO NOT book your massage:


  • fever, inflammation,

  • skin diseases,

  • during menstruation (except chair massage- it’s actually helps to release a pain), 

  • recent surgery or acute injures, neuritis,

  • liver and kidney failure.


If you want to book a massage be sure the area for massage

is NOT effected by:


  • cuts, bruises, phlebitis, undiagnosed lumps and bumps, abrasions, inflammations, recent muscle strain. 


There are also medical contraindications where is necessary to have an approval written from your practitioner saying is safe for you to receive a massage:


  • cardiovascular conditions (heart conditions),

  • high blood pressure,

  • osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, gynaecological infections.

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