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2013 We are fully covered by BALENS Specialist Insurance 

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Just a few words to tell you a little about myself!


My name is Michal Klusak or Mike, as I’m more commonly known. I’m originally from Poland where I graduated from the Academy of Physiotherapy in Wroclaw. I have worked in numerous hospitals across Poland as a physiotherapist and massage therapist with a diverse range of patients.


Two years ago, in September of 2011, I decided to move to Ireland. During my first months here I worked in almost every profession except my area of expertise. I quickly realised that if I wanted to return to the profession I loved I would have to take a risk and really push myself to start my new life here.


Taking care of people is not only my profession it is my passion. So I began my journey as a care assistant with one of Ireland’s largest home help services. The fulfilment I gained from seeing the help I was able to provide for my patients reignited my love of physiotherapy and working in a caring environment.


The idea of a Mobile Massage Galway was quite simple really; some friends of mine mentioned how they suffered from back pain and stress related tension but they never had the time to go to see a professional. What if you could have a professional and convenient massage service that could come to the comfort of your own home at a time that suited you?


Now you can! Mobile Massage Galway is dedicated to providing a highly skilled massage service from the comfort of your own home. For those who are too busy to leave the office, we also offer chair massage therapies, which, are specifically aimed to reduce stress and increase productivity.  Mobile Massage Galway has something for everyone. From back pain relief therapies to sport injuries, we’ve got you covered at a time and place that suits you.


My qualifications are listed below. When you have decided what therapy best suits you don’t hesitate to make an appointment. Thank you for reading my story and hope to hear from you soon!



2013 We are recognised by The Association of Registered        Complementary Health Therapist of Ireland (ARCHTI) 

2014 Chinese Cupping Massage 


     Awarded by Menos Massage Academy

     Katowice, Poland

2012 Chair/Seated Accupressure On Site Massage 


     Awarded by Training School for Massage, Beauty & Healing, 

     Glasgow, Scotland 

2011 Hot Stone Massage Therapy


     Awarded by Menos Massage Academy 

     Katowice, Poland 


2011 Bachelor of Physiotherapy


     Graduate from Academy of Physiotherapy                 Wroclaw, Poland

2011 Holistic Massage, Swedish Massage, 

     Therapeutic Sports Massage 


     Awadred University School of Physical Education

      Wroclaw, Poland 


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